It's another placeholder service.

Only this one is more configurable and returns the most
interesting CC-licenced images on Flickr.

Default - /w/h or /w

Set the image src attribute to to render a non-ugly image at the given dimensions.

Keyword - /q/w/h

Set the image src attribute to to render an image of a kitten at the given dimensions.

User - /u/n/w/h or /u/n/w

Set the image src attribute to to render a random image from the given user at the given dimensions.

Filter - /w/h/f or /q/w/h/f

Append a hex code, 'gray' or 'blur' to the end of the source URL for a colorized, grayscale or gaussian-blurred image.

Advertising - /x

Set the image src attribute to where x is the ad unit abbreviation.

Valid ad unit abbreviations

  • /MREC - medium rectangle - 300x250
  • /LREC - large rectangle - 336x280
  • /LB - leaderboard - 728x90
  • /LLB - large leaderboard - 970x90
  • /SKY - skyscraper - 120x600
  • /WSKY - wide skyscraper - 160x600
  • /LSKY - large skyscraper - 300x600
  • /S - square - 250x250
  • /SS - small square - 200x200
  • /B - banner - 468x60
  • /HB - half banner - 234x60
  • /VB - vertical banner - 120x240
  • /BTN - button - 125x125

Note: including a keyword in the image URL will be slower than the other methods as it involves realtime polling of the Flickr API. Querying for a given size (with or without a filter) uses local copies of images, removing the extra request overhead. But keywords means kittens, so it's a worthwhile tradeoff. Username request do not guarantee CC licensing, but return public photos only.

Examples 300x400 example 200x200 example 200x200 keyword example blur example username example colorised example

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